Blackhorse Industries

Blacksmithing and Steel Fabrication

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Stair Rails
Belt Buckles

Wendy Phillips,  Owner/ Blacksmith

Growing up in Austin, Wendy spent countless hours following her dad, handing him tools and helping him build things around the house and the family ranch. These early years gave her a passion for building and creating, and helped form the artist she is today.  After graduating from Tarleton State University, Wendy went to work at her family's retail furniture business. She enjoyed it, but it wasn't her true passion. What was? Well, they say inspiration can come to people from the strangest places. Like the movie Castaway. Seeing the woman at the end  -- working in her barn, dogs running around, torch in her hand -- Wendy finally saw the one thing she felt she was intended to do. Immediately she enrolled at ACC and took several courses in Art Metals and Blacksmithing.  The courses led her to get an apprenticeship at a local fabrication shop. There she learned both the art of fabrication and the joys of having visible results at the end of her day. She later took her training and went to work for a local blacksmith. At both shops, Wendy was able to learn the metal business from the ground up. And she was fortunate to work for many different high-end clients and builders.   Three years later, Wendy started Black Horse Industries. Working out of the warehouse at the family business, Wendy is assisted by her dad. (Once again, they're building together.) Gates, fences and handrails are the staples, but her true joy comes from creating furniture and sculpture.   In her spare time, Wendy is happy to give back to the community. She volunteers with Youth Launch at Hands of the Earth Farm and with Green Corn Project, both of which teach sustainable agriculture and donate to local food banks. She also enjoys riding her bike with the Austin Women's Flyers, wake-boarding and tinkering with her 1972 Chevelle.